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Michael D. Shoultz, PhD

Address: 314 N Lincolnway, North Aurora, IL  60542


Telephone: (608) 345-8277


  Professional information  

With over 40 years of experience spanning educational, residential, community, and vocational sectors, Michael has held diverse roles including teacher, group home supervisor, consultant, university lecturer, program administrator, advocate, and staff trainer. His unwavering dedication to supporting autistic individuals and those with other neurophysiological differences has earned him recognition from local, state, and national organizations.


Drawing from a robust background in applied behavioral analysis, Michael empowers his clients, and the teams that support them, by integrating its principles with compassion and within natural contexts. His expertise also extends to neuroscience, positive behavior supports, strategies that promote wellness, and effective instructional and coaching strategies aimed at fostering independence and interdependence.


A staunch advocate for continuous learning, Michael strives to stay updated with the latest developments in his field. However, his passion transcends mere theoretical knowledge; he values the individual experiences of those he serves as invaluable sources of insight and inspiration.  Throughout his career, Michael has been fortunate to learn from numerous mentors, though he acknowledges that his most profound teachers have been individuals with autism and other neurophysiological differences and their families.


University of Wisconsin-Madison (1983-1987)

   PhD, Special Education Administration, Minor - Behavioral Disabilities

   MS, Educational Administration

   MA, Public Policy and Administration (LaFollette Institute)


University of South Carolina (1975 - 1979)

   BA, Educational Psychology


2010 - present

2010 - present

  Special Training  
  • Recent Treatment and Educational Developments for Individuals with Autism.  Postdoctoral Seminar:  University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Movement Difference and Diversity in Autism and Mental Retardation, University of Wisconsin-Madison Special Training Seminar -- presented by Anne Donnellan, Ph.D., Martha Leary, MA, Ralph Maurer, M.D., William Condon, Ph.D.


  • Curriculum Adaptations, University of Wisconsin-Madison Special Training Seminar -- presented by Alice Udvari-Solner, Ph.D.


  • Movement Difference in Autism, University of Wisconsin-Madison Seminar (spring and summer semesters) -- presented by Anne Donnellan, Ph.D. 


  • Certified Infinite Possibililities Trainer.  Chicago, IL:  presented by Mike Dooley and Associates


  • The Fully-Adapted Macintosh; Curriculum Adaptations using Assistive Technology; Assessing Students' Need for Assistive Technology -- Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Workshops


  • Facilitated Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison Special Training Seminar -- presented by Rosemary Crossley.


  • Mindworks: Understanding the Perceptual Learning Styles of Our Minds -- presented by Dawna Markova, Ph.D.


  • NSAC National Personnel Training Program: The Development of Educational Programs for Students with Autism and Other Severe Social and Communication Disorders (6 weeks) -- presented by Anne Donnellan, Ph.D. et. al. 


  • Managing Threatening Confrontations, Community Ties -- presented by Paul White, MA


  • Averting and Handling Aggressive Behavior, South Carolina Department of Mental Health Training Workshop  -- presented by Andrew Mance.


  • Judevine Center Professional Autism Training Program, South Carolina Department of Mental Health, Columbia, SC:


  • Social Thinking in the Classroom and Across the Day, presented by Michelle Garcia Winner, San Francisco, CA


  • Collaborative Problem Solving Meets Social Thinking, presented by Ross Greene and Michelle Garcia Winner, San Francisco, CA


  • Teaching Verbal Behavior to Children with Autism and Related Disorders. Presented by Vincent J. Carbone, Ed.D., and Patrick McGreevy, Ph.D.

  Work experience  

Educational and Behavioral Consultant (Private)

1983 – Present

Autism Resources Network, Chicagoland, IL (home base)

Responsibilities include: provide support and assistance to: individuals with autism, families, school districts, and community agencies; provide individually-tailored services including: direct service to individuals with autism, assessment and follow-up services, inservice training and follow-up support, and consultation and ongoing support.


Provide inservice training and consultative support to agencies on the following topics: understanding autism spectrum disorders, sensory and movement differences in autism, applied behavioral analysis, augmented communication strategies, behavior management, social skills training, sensory processing, teaching methodology (i.e., discrete trial, errorless learning, shaping and chaining, visual supports), crisis management intervention, and assistive technology (including video modeling, iDevice technology and support).


Agency Consultative Contracts [Current]:  Avenues to Community, Madison; Community Care of Central Wisconsin, Wausau; Dane County Department of Human Services; Innovative Services, Wausau; North DuPage Special Education Cooperative; Options, Madison; Rock County Developmental Disabilities Board; Wisconsin Department of Health Services; Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. [Previous]: Illinois Department of Health and Social Services, Northern Illinois Association for Special Education, School Association for Special Education in DuPage County, Wausau Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Westocha Exceptional Education Organization.


School District Contracts [Current]:  Portage [Previous]: Elmgrove, Fond du Lac, Franklin, Green Bay, Janesville, Marinette, McFarland, Monroe, Mount Horeb, Racine Unified, Richland Center, Rhinelander, Sun Prairie, Stoughton, Verona Area, Waterloo, Watertown, Waukesha, Waunakee. 


Autism Program Support Teacher

1992 - 2013

Madison Metropolitan School District; Madison, WI

Responsibilities included: developed, planned and implemented educational support services for students with autism; developed, planned and implemented training for staff providing educational services to students with autism; provided consultation and problem solving support to education teams working with students with autism; developed, and planned and implemented program evaluation strategies.


University Lecturer 

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000 - 2002

Edgewood College, Madison, WI 1993 - 1995

Responsibilities included: developed class syllabi and curriculum, conducted university class lectures, supervised students on individual and group class research and projects, and advised students. Courses included: Introduction to Exceptional Children, Methods for Teaching Students with Emotional/Behavior Disorders, Behavioral Management, Understanding and Supporting Students with Autism.


Director, Integrating School and Community Services for Youth with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

1990 – 1992 

CESA #2, Dane County, Wisconsin

Responsibilities included: participated in multi-system planning regarding the development, implementation, and evaluation of a county-wide system of care for students with severe emotional disturbance; completed county-wide needs assessment and data analysis; developed and disseminated needs assessment, program, and evaluation reports; coordinated educational and school-based mental health services; provided staff development opportunities; and supported and supervised program staff.


Program Supervisor 

1987 – 1989

LaGrange Area Department of Special Education, LaGrange, IL

Responsibilities included: interviewed, hired, supervised, and evaluated special education staff; monitored program compliance with state and federal rules and regulations; planned and implemented staff development opportunities; organized and supervised summer school program; and planned and provided for continued program development and enhancement.


Special Education Teacher

Group Home Supervisor

1979 - 1983

Columbia Program for Autistic Children, South Department of Mental Health

Richland County School #1, Columbia, South Carolina

Responsibilities included: developed and implemented educational, residential and community programs for students with communication and behavioral disabilities (2 years elementary, 2 years high school, 1 year group home supervisor); supervised student teachers/group home staff; conducted staff/parent training; and planned, coordinated, and provided supervision and staff development activities; presented at local, state, and national organizations on various topics related to supporting students with autism and their families.

Shoultz, M & Leary, M (in press).  Echolalia revisited.  Understanding the functions of echolalia within the context of movement differences and diversity.  In A.M. Donnellan & E. Torres (Eds.), Autism:  The Movement Perspective.
Shoultz, M (in press).  Using ABA in natural contexts: A guide for parents and professionals. In M.D. Shoultz (Ed.), Successful Strategies for Supporting Individuals with Autism.
Shoultz, M (in press). Stop talking. Effective prompting and instructional strategies to enhance independence.  In M.D. Shoultz (Ed.), Successful Strategies for Supporting Individuals with Autism.
Shoultz, M (2012).  Facilitating Social Skills Instruction.  A Mini-reference module.  Madison, WI:  Madison Metropolitan School District.
Negri, N., Shoultz, M., & Majure, A. (1990). The analysis of challenging behavior. What is this behavior communicating? What do supported employment personnel need to know? Rehabilitation Education, 4, 333-346.
Shoultz, M. (1987). Fiscal stress and budgetary decision-making. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
McCarthy, E.F. & Shoultz, M. (1987). The integration of students with severe, profound mental retardation and other severe disabilities in the Madison Metropolitan School District. In M.S. Berres & P. Knoblock (Eds.), Program models for mainstreaming: Integrating students with moderate to severe disabilities. Rockville, MD: Aspen System Corporation.
McCarthy, E.F., Shoultz, M., Pochowski, A., & Karasoff, P. (1987). A unique use of discretionary monies: The Wisconsin Administrative Training Project. CASE in Point, 25, 1, 6-8.
McCarthy, E.F. & Shoultz, M. (1986). Integrated pre-service training of regular administrators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: Final report. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Educational Administration.
  Community Service  
Member, Steering Committee, ACT 12 - Wisconsin AIDS Ride, AIDS Network of Wisconsin
Board Member, Vice Co-Chair, Communications Chair -- New Harvest Foundation
Board Member -- Family Support and Resource Center, Dane County, Wisconsin Member,
Member -- Special Education Advisory Committee, Madison Metropolitan School District
Member -- Assistive Technology Advisory Committee, Madison Metropolitan School District
Volunteer of the Year, presented by the South Carolina Society for Autistic Children (1980)
Teacher of the Year, presented by the South Carolina Society for Autistic Children (1982)
National Merit Award for Outstanding Services, presented by the Autism Society of America (formerly National Society for Autistic Children) (1983)
School Improvement Leader, Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison, Wisconsin (2003)
Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison, Wisconsin (2013)
Backyard Hero, Presented by Community Shares of Wisconsin, Dane County, Wisconsin (2013)
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