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Building the Capacity of Individuals and Systems to Better Understand and Support People with Autism


Direct support of individuals with autism is always personalized to the dreams and needs of each individual and their support network (family, friends and/or agency). If an autistic person or someone in their support network imagines or needs something beyond those services that we have outlined (see link below), we are open to working together to create that support.


All direct services include collaboration with the people being served and incorporating the interests, talents and passions of those involved. While there may be a particular focus to each service, all services touch some on supporting relationships, regulation, communication, self-understanding, self-compassion, and have some element of FUN. 



Consultation services are available to families, schools, support agencies, and community groups of any kind. Consultations involve collaboration with the focus individual on whatever level possible. We believe all team members have information that can be helpful and that they all have something to offer the dynamic process of discovering, together, new ways of understanding and being more meaningfully supportive and effective.


Consultation services are as personalized as direct services, and are designed around the unique needs of the focus individual and his/her support network. Their talents, interests and passions are always taken into account first. Each team is lead through a process of discovering competencies, and it is from that point that shifting and creating different directions begin.



As a group of like-minded professionals, we are committed to serving individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and other professionals who might be involved in supporting them.  In all of our work we are committed to “people first” and try to foster a better understanding of what the experience of autism is for those who experience it, in the hopes that those who live with and support them can come from a place of understanding, acceptance, compassion and celebration.  


All of the trainings can be adapted to meet the individual needs of the group. Some have pre-requisites. Our trainings are informational and always involve some level of hands-on work. The trainings are interactive in nature and we try to make them fun. Follow-up to facilitate application is available for all trainings as are options for training trainers within groups. Various resources are included in some training packages.

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