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Direct Services

The following outlines various categories of support we provide to individuals on the spectrum: 
  • Individual play/recreational therapy


  • Integrated play group facilitation


  • Relationship support


  • Emotional regulation support


  • Body regulation support


  • Friendship networking support


  • Assessments for:

    • discovering competencies

    • identification of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder

    • prescriptive planning

    • iPad use

    • other communication support 

    • developing meaningful school plans (IEP and BIPs)

    • developing meaningful vocational plans

    • developing meaningful life plans


  • iPad use for

    • communication

    • regulation (including relaxation)

    • social connecting

    • academic participation

    • interpersonal growth

    • video modeling

    • FUN!


  • Family support


  • Parent support


  • Sibling support


  • Yoga instruction (individually or as part of a group)


  • Mindfulness practices (individually or as part of a group)….for autistic individuals and their support people (friends, relatives, staff)

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