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A network of professionals who seek to understand and support those with autism and other neuro-physiological differences to live full and inclusive lives. 

For over 35 years, Michael has worked in educational, residential, community, and vocational settings as a teacher, group home supervisor, consultant, university lecturer, program administrator, and staff trainer.  He has been recognized by local, state, and national organizations for his service to those with autism and their families.  Michael has a strong background in applied behavioral analysis and is interested in helping those with whom he works to understand the principles of this approach and how it's best implemented in natural contexts, with compassion and respect for the individual. Additional areas of expertise include: understanding and supporting sensory and movement differences in autism, augmented communication strategies, developing positive behavior supports, social skills training, teaching methodology, crisis management intervention, instructional technology, and assistive technology (including video modeling and iDevices technology and support). Over the years, Michael has had many mentors from which to learn and grow and he acknowledges that his greatest teachers have been individuals with autism and their families. 

Nanette has been supporting individuals with autism and their families since 1972. She has been a classroom teacher, a signed-speech therapist, a staff and parent trainer, a program administrator, a university lecturer, and an educational and behavioral consultant. Nan works with and alongside individuals with autism so that together they can identify the opportunities and support they want and need to develop meaningful relationships and engagement across their lives. She believes it is critical to teach skills that promote community presence and value. Nan has an extensive background in applied behavior analysis, and believes it can and should be applied through a humanistic and relationship-based approach that always considers the perspective of all. She is committed to finding clear and compassionate ways to communicate, work, and be with people with autism, their families, and others supporting them, and to helping everyone have FUN in the process.

We are guided by the beliefs that everyone has gifts to offer; meaningful and respectful relationships allow us to become our best selves, working together we can find competencies, and positive change is always possible. We strive to maximize individual, family, system, and community resources to support people with autism in leading full and meaningful lives, as determined by their talents, interests and dreams. We do this by bringing together all that we know and are learning about creating well-being for all, through the positive use of technology (both behavioral and digital) and mindfulness-based practices. We approach every situation and individual with compassion and a commitment to finding a way to create interest and fun as we learn and grow.

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