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"Michael Shoultz and Nanette Negri have teamed together to provide a range of community-based supports for autistic people and their families through Autism Resources Network. When people want to learn new skills or prepare for a new challenge, Michael and Nanette are prepared to assist in new and innovative ways. Personalization and fine tuning of programs can make all the difference for people on the autism spectrum. Nanette and Michael have the knowledge and hands-on experience for designing supports for people to feel confident and acquire skills for greater participation in their communities."  


Martha R Leary, MA, CCC-SLP, S-LP(C)

Speech-Language Pathologist,

Communication Consultant, Author

"Whether you are a teacher, parent or self-advocate in need of education, ideas, or guidance, you will be in the best hands possible when you work with Michael Shoultz and Nanette Negri. Their work is values-based and the supports they provide and advocate for are always gentle, positive and respectful. I have nothing but admiration for this team and would recommend their services to any family, school, or agency in need of a fresh approach to problem-solving. These consultants are unique in that they begin with listening and work collaboratively, not just to solve problems but to shine a light and bring new understanding to each situation.


I have worked with both Nan and Mike over the last decade and find them to be incredibly knowledgeable, conscientious, innovative, and passionate. I learn something new from this duo each and every time I see them present, read their writings, or talk to them about the work we do. Whether you need help with positive behavior supports, autism, inclusion, or _____, you cannot go wrong working with this fantastic team."


Paula Kluth, PhD

Consultant, Author, Advocate,

and Independent Scholar


Consultation services are provided to address the concerns and needs that individuals, families, schools, support agencies, and other community groups bring to the table.  The focus on a consultation may be around a particular individual or it may involve a broader systematic concern.  
Often the need for consultation services arises when challenging behaviors are present that raise concerns for the well being of a focus individual, those with whom s/he interacts, and/or the environment itself. When this occurs, the need to understand the purpose of the challenging behavior is of prime importance.  When armed with an understanding of why the individual is behaving in the manner in which they are, we are better abled to design accommodations and interventions that support a different way of communicating and behaving. 
In addition to providing consultation regarding how we interpret, understand, and support challenging behaviors, we also are available to consult with individuals, families, schools, support agencies and other community groups around the following areas.  Consultations can be single visits or on-going.
  • Individual play/recreational therapy


  • Integrated play group facilitation


  • Instructional Technology and Support


  • Relationship support


  • Emotional regulation support


  • Body regulation support


  • Friendship networking support


  • Expressive and Written Communication


  • Augmentative Communication Systems


  • iPad use


  • Video Modeling


  • Yoga instruction


  • Mindfulness practices


Information regarding direct services that we provide to individuals can be found here

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