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  Autism Resources Network:   


A network of professionals who seek to understand and support those with autism and other neuro-physiological differences to live full and inclusive lives.





We provide direct service to individuals; consultation and training with on-going support to: individuals, families, schools, support agencies, and other community groups.





Check out our links to websites of interest, published papers and manuscripts, instructional handouts, and other educational resources.




Yes, we are on Facebook.  We post information on effective strategies, links of interest, and relevant training opportunities. Please visit and "Like" our page!

"Autism is not a disability, it's a different ability."

Stuart Duncan

“Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence."

Anne M. Donnellan, PhD, Emeritus Professor  

Our mission is to build the capacity of individuals and systems - through listening, sense making,

and compassion - to better understand and support people with autism. 

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